Drawing from a number of creative wells and influences, I have decided to composite photographic

work along with the practice of typography in order to generate a cohesive

theatrical poster for a fictional film entitled Martial.


The poster for the historical drama Martial features a lone young lady clad in a combat helmet gazing

over the distance. The synopsis of the film delves into the personal struggles of an unnamed

flower lady who has witnessed the crippling involvement of the military in the

affairs of her home and loved ones. It is an adventure or grief, struggle,

and a faint glimmer of hope while finding romance under the demands of war.

As the embodiment of a dove’s innocence, she is representative of peace and

tranquility amidst the harshness of her war-torn atmosphere.

Attribution: Brooklin Pigg



Soft features a series of photos taken at the port city of Fremantle. It evokes

unhindered senses of calmness and jubilation. Wandering into

unfamiliar terrain, photos are taken wherever the wind blows.

Special thanks to: Atanga Mungandi